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21-04-2003, 12:00 AM

(by Tom Foley?)


Isn't it revolting that the "Revolution" has lined the pockets of overseas interests? In this case a rise in ratings has not meant a rise in local film production.

New President

Congratulations to DON SAUNDERS, who was elected as the new federal president of F.E.G.A. His first official function was on the judging panel of the "MILLI" Awards ﷓at the invitation of A.C.S. We sincerely hope that this may lead to more friendly cooperation between cameramen and editors.

New Committee

Newly-elected committee of the N.S.W. Branch:

TOM FOLEY (vice-president), chairman (C.F.U); JOSEPHINE WILLIS, secretary (C. F. U.), JOHN McPHAIL, treasurer (ATN7), HAROLD DEWS (Movietone), TIM READ (Fauna Prods.), JOHN OAKLEY (Freelance), LES LUXFORD (Supreme).


Contributions and ideas to this column and to the magazine are most welcome and maybe sent direct to: F.E.G.A.,

102 Chandos Street, Crows Nest, N.S.W. 2045, or to Ewart Wade, 8 Matlock Street, Camberwell, Vic. 3124.


Melbourne Branch

On October 3rd, 1969, Melbourne film editors elected a new committee. Since that time the committee have met twice. By the time this magazine goes to press, there will have been another general meeting to discuss the suggested constitution. If the Guild succeeds it will be by the support of its members and their enthusiasm rather than actions by the committee. At the meeting on October 3rd, a number of suggestions were put forward as possible means of attracting members and holding their interest in the Guild.

1. To improve film editing standards, and to also improve the position of the film editor in all production houses.

2. To encourage production houses and advertising agencies to relieve editors from the continuous pressures of extremely tight deadlines, by more realistic planning on their part.

3. To encourage production houses to pay overtime to their editors and assistants.

4. To make available finance, for the study of early Australian films and to obtain as much information on Australian films as possible. To have recorded on film or magnetic tape, interviews with Australian film pioneers and people involved with recent, current and future productions.

5. To enquire into the possibility of FEGA accreditation as soon as possible.

6. To make available to any member films for study purposes, and to arrange seasons of certain directors' films for study.

7. To arrange for members who require them, technical discussions.

8. To encourage foreign production companies and local distributors and exhibitors who are not producing or supporting Australian films to show their faith in the industry, and permit free entry into cinemas for members of FEGA.

9. To also encourage them to make available to FEGA prints of films of interest to film﷓makers that have had short commercial releases and have not been seen by the majority of FEGA members.

10. To establish a fund to help members make their own short films, and to persuade film distributors to accept these films for showing in cinemas in place of outdated returns of Look at Life and other trivia.

11. To have monthly or bimonthly meetings for FEGA members, to enable them to meet each other socially and view each other's films.

Obviously, a number of these suggestions are longterm plans, although two members, Ray Daley and Jill Stevenson, are already researching early Australian films. The Victorian committee feels that these suggestions can only come into force effectively if managed by an Australian executive committee. It is to be hoped that such a committee will be formed in the near future to enable the Guild to function fully and benefit its members.