View Full Version : JVC DV3000 grief...

22-01-2006, 09:56 PM
G'day all,

I have had no end of silliness from my JVC DV-3000 DV deck since I bought it, predominantly on output.

Some focussed googling and the like, and it looks like I bought a dud model from JVC - plenty of problems out there. Yay for me.

All other weirdness aside, my main gripe is not being able to lay back to DV tape via firewire with timecode. I can get a recording ok, but the tc is just haywire. Even after using FCP's code and black on the tape, the deck still has trouble cueing to a timecode for an assemble edit (the deck doesn't support insert).

I have been getting by, but it's beginning to really bug me. If there's anyone out there that has been here and done this AND come to a resolution... PLEASE HELP! Any links to solutions on forums I may not have turned up would also be worth their weight in timecode. :)